When a plane is forced to land due to a sick passenger, the patient is taken to Hope Zion where Alex performs emergency surgery and discovers that this passenger may have brought a deadly and contagious virus into the hospital.

NBC Schedule Change For Saving Hope

While the schedule stays as originally announced on CTV, NBC made a change. They will air the last two episodes of season one on Saturday September 1/8 at 9PM.

At this point it doesn’t seem very likely NBC will air the second season of Saving Hope which is already ordered by CTV and will air next Summer as they are going to “burn off” the last two episodes. Giving the lack of promotion they received from NBC it wouldn’t be tragic if the series will end up on a different US channel.

Saving Hope’s ratings were up this week and even hit a series high on CTV.

The next episode will air Thursday August 16.

Toronto, ON (July 25, 2012) – CTV announced today full-season orders of its hit original dramas THE LISTENER and SAVING HOPE as both series break mid-season for London 2012 this week. The network ordered a 13-episode fourth season of international hit THE LISTENER from Shaftesbury, and a 13-episode second season of this summer’s #1 drama SAVING HOPE from ICF Films/Entertainment One.

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